Hey there – welcome to the blog!  I’ll be using this forum to delve into topics that are meaningful to educators of all kinds.  I intend to share my insight and reflections with a focus on five areas of interest:  college and career readiness; social and emotional learning; at-risk students; K-12 education reforms; and personal development.  Ultimately, my goal is to inspire others to find deeper meaning in their work and maximize how they impact those they serve.  Feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences so that we can have some lively dialogue.

The Blog

Educational Coaching for Urban Teachers

For several years, I taught secondary Mathematics and Physics in large and small urban school systems, first working with low performing and economically disadvantaged students and later in an environment with all talented and gifted students. Subsequently, I worked as an educational coach helping students achieve success through mentoring teachers and delivering professional development training. …

The Role of the Community in Education

In today’s economically and culturally diverse society it is vitally important that educators and community leaders find clarity on each other’s role in supporting our students’ academic achievement (Anderson-Butcher et. al., 2010).  This need is only intensified when we consider the context of the required school reform actions brought on by No Child Left behind (NCLB) and Adequate Yearly Progress …

The Podcast

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Throughout my career, I have observed countless educators become consumed with “the work” of educating.  They find themselves disconnected from what originally drew them to their career and end up feeling uninspired and burned out.  I can relate to that all too well.

More and more frequently, I’ve wondered, “Why do we do this?  How do we keep doing it?”  I mean, how do educators wade through the bureaucracy of their systems…how do we navigate the negativity of peers or community members…how do we manage the routine and administrivia of their jobs….and still hold true to our purpose?

In an effort to understand this conundrum better, I am engaging teachers, principals, writers, speakers, trainers, mentors, community leaders, and other educators in conversations about why they do what they do.   This podcast is a record? of their insight and my reflections.  My ultimate goal is to inspire others to find deeper meaning in work and maximize how they impact those they serve.