About Me

About Me

Hi there, I am Jeffrey Miller, the husband to the woman of my dreams and proud father of four children.  I am a professional educator and aspiring writer striving to help everyone reach their full human potential.  With nearly two decades of experience, I have served as a professional educator and administrator in both urban and suburban public school systems.

The core purpose of education should be to help individuals reach their God-given potential by developing a learner’s mind, body, character, and sense of culture. Education should also serve as a means of transforming and fortifying the family because an educated person learns how to live and establishes a path to making a living.

In my years as an educator, I have been exposed to a variety of schools, educators, and students, and I have participated in many training session related to the development of the mind and how people learn, as a result of these experiences, I have developed several guiding principles, the most salient of which is that:

Effort creates aptitude.

Regarding the relationship between effort and aptitude, I developed this belief because of my experiences in dealing with personal challenges. However, these ideas were validated and made more relevant to my career as an educator when I read the book Mindset Matters by Carol Dweck. Dweck’s presentation on mindsets reveals that beyond intelligence, the type of mindset one has (i.e., fixed or growth) impacts personality development.

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