About Me

Jeffrey is a husband, a father of four, and an educator striving to help everyone reach their full human potential.  With nearly 18 years of experience, he has served as a professional educator and administrator in both urban and suburban public school systems (Learn more about me).

After starting his career as a secondary math and physics teacher, Jeffrey went on to serve as an instructional coach, curriculum specialist, and facilitator, and in various central office administrator positions. He also has spearheaded several district-wide projects related to instructional coaching, college advising, and the development of an in-district college preparatory charter school. Jeffrey has also led curriculum and instruction program initiatives involving STEM education, balanced literacy, dual credit, and social and emotional learning. Having led a variety of central office departments and system-wide projects, he has prioritized improved student learning, teacher instructional practices, and community empowerment.  
In his current role as Senior Director of Student Development and Choice at the Garland ISD, Jeffrey facilitates several community and district-wide committees that enable him to monitor and support the District’s schools of choice plan.  Additionally, he oversees the implementation of a growing social and emotional learning effort.  
In terms of other professional pursuits, Jeffrey is completing the Region IV superintendent certification program and serves on the executive committee of the North Texas Regional P16 council.  He is the past chair of the College Board Southwestern a Regional Council.  
Jeffrey Miller earned his Doctorate of Education in Curriculum & Instruction from Texas A&M with an emphasis in school counselor leadership development and received the College of Education and Human Development Distinguished Honor Graduate award. 
He holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree with a concentration in science education from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Bachelor Degree in Physics from Texas A&M University.  
Jeffrey has always been curious and enthusiastic about learning and keenly interested in helping others explore and reach their true potential. Through it all, he has taken a pragmatic approach to addressing the needs of students and families to ensure successful outcomes.