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Hi there, I am Jeffrey Miller, the husband to the woman of my dreams and proud father of four children.  I am a professional educator and aspiring writer striving to help everyone reach their full human potential.  With nearly two decades of experience in education, I have served in both urban and suburban public school systems.


I believe the core purpose of education should be to help learners reach their God-given potential by developing the mind, body, character, and sense of culture.  Education should also serve as a means of providing for, transforming, and fortifying the family; as an educated person learns how to live, s/he establishes a path toward making a living.  A critical catalyst for carrying out the purposes of education is the educational leader.  An effective leader should be a constant force for collective and individual improvement. The educational leader should exemplify integrity and communicate a shared set of values that build others up.  After all, authentic leadership is about positively influencing outcomes and developing future leaders.

Education should serve as a means of providing for, transforming, and fortifying the family; as an educated person learns how to live, s/he establishes a path toward making a living.

The preferred kind of learning environment is one that ensures safety, inspires a purpose and desire to learn, and provide adequate challenges necessary to maximize student growth and development.  Every student is different, so the best learning environments are those in which there is room for individuality as well as a culture that promotes continuous self-improvement and high learning expectations.  Leaders should foster an organizational climate that incubates a sense of ownership, accountability, gratitude, and innovation.    Ideally, individual members and the team as a whole will be celebrated when they achieve goals.  As a result, participants will view themselves as contributors and leaders all working toward the unifying goal of collective success.  


  • A creative and passionate educator dedicated to fostering student-centered learning experiences that support students’ identifying and developing their own passions
  • An educational leader with an extensive scope of responsibility, proven success, and track record of delivering optimal results in urban schools
  • A strategist who brings plans to fruition and who benchmarks performance against key operational targets/goals
  • High-performing administrator with expertise in building and optimizing organizational processes, evaluation systems, and infrastructure to maximize student achievement  

School Counselor Supervision, Instructional Coaching, Program Evaluation, College Readiness, Social and Emotional Learning, Curriculum & Instruction, Science Education

Learning frameworks, lesson design, curriculum development, classroom management, secondary education, instructional coaching, educational research methods, educational leadership


  • Texas A& M University Ed.D in Curriculum and Instruction August 2017
  • The University of Texas at Dallas M.A.T. in Teaching, Science Education-Physics May 2006 
  • Texas A&M University B.S. in Physics May 1999 


  • Texas Superintendent Certification (expected June 2019)
  • Texas Educator Certification, Secondary Physics 6-12
  • Texas Educator Certification, Secondary Mathematics 8-12
  • T-TESS Appraiser Certification
  • T-PESS Appraiser Certification
  • Texas ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy
  • CMSi Level 1 Curriculum Management Audit Training
  • CMSi Level 2 Curriculum Management Audit Training


2018 – Senior Director of Student Development & Choice, Garland Independent School District

  • Use the findings of research and district studies to improve the context, sequences, and outcomes of related student services programs; to promote initiatives for at-risk students; and to lead in the development of innovative school programs.
  • Analyze issues and recommend remediation as well as preventive measures concerning student enrollment procedure, boundaries and attendance policies with parents, students, and administration.
  • Compile and maintain data related to schools of choice including, but not limited to, admissions, transfers, preferential assignments, hardship appeals, capacity, and utilization.
  • Coordinate the development of programs aimed at supporting social and emotional learning.

2017-2018 Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Garland Independent School District 

  • Evaluated and provided leadership for the overall instructional program of the district in core content, bilingual/ESL, LOTE, and Technology Applications.
  • Was responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the curriculum and instruction department that includes curriculum, instruction, and assessment and related staff development, hiring, and program evaluation.
  • Used the mission of the school district, program evaluation outcomes, input from teachers and others to provide effective staff development activities.
  • Utilized knowledge of curriculum content and the curriculum development process to facilitate teacher development of appropriate learning experiences for pupils.
  • Planned, implemented, and evaluated Texas Essential Knowledge Skills-based instructional programs with teachers and principals, including learning objectives, instructional strategies and assessment techniques.
  • Critical Achievements:
    • Implemented $5.7 million District-wide Balanced Literacy initiative
    • Coordinated the update of a District curriculum management plan
    • Spearheaded the revision of District core curriculum and assessments

2012-2017 Executive Director of College Readiness, Grand Prairie Independent School District

  • Oversaw two Early College High School programs and supervise Early College High School Principals
  • Supervised School-based and District-based staff including a College Access Coordinator, College and Career Counselors, College Advisors, and a team of itinerate dual credit instructors
  • Managed an $800,000 budget and provide leadership, vision, and coordination for a comprehensive District-wide college preparation program that includes dual credit, Advanced Placement, PSAT, SAT, TSI Assessment, AVID, college access, college advising, and college partnerships
  • Critical Achievements: 
    • Served as Project Leader in the development of the Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute (GPCI), grades 6-12 college preparatory charter school
    • Served as Grant Writing Team Contributor (Funds Awarded) for TEA Public Charter School Start-Up Grant 
    • Brokered an agreement in which the entire GPISD junior class will have a pathway to being admitted to UTA without having to participate in the traditional admissions process and fees
    • Served as Project Leader in the development of the Grand Prairie Early College High School and South Grand Prairie Early College High School

2009-2012 K-12 Mathematics Facilitator, Grand Prairie Independent School District

  • Supervised a team of district-level instructional coaches that supported 36 elementary and secondary campuses
  • Managed the Mathematics Department budget and spearheaded the revision/development/modification of curriculum guides
  • Assisted in the monitoring and mentoring teachers through discussing and demonstrating effective classroom strategies/techniques for improving instruction and classroom management
  • Planned staff development and conducted in-service training for K-12 mathematics educators
  • Gathered, compiled, interpreted, and presented evaluation data
  • Collaborated with principals in developing campus and district-wide goals for the improvement of mathematics education
  • Critical Achievements:
    • Developed and implemented the District’s Instructional Coaches Model
    • Contributed to district-wide gains in mathematics TAKS performance resulting in the District’s achievement of “Recognized” school district status for the first time ever

2008-2009 Secondary Mathematics Specialist, Lancaster Independent School District 

  • Worked with site leadership to plan and provide ongoing professional development and collaborative sessions appropriate for targeted curricular content and pedagogy needs. 
  • Assisted campus administrative and instructional staff in interpreting data and designing approaches to improve student instruction and achievement. 
  • Developed, wrote, edited, and assisted with the implementation of secondary mathematics curriculum and assessment.
  • Critical Achievements:
    • Achieved highest Mathematics TAKS performance in high school history, resulting in “Academically Acceptable” designation for 2 previously “Unacceptable” campuses 
    • Developed and implemented the district-wide Instructional Management and Assessment System 
    • Contributed to the development of the District’s Instructional Specialist Model
    • Served on the Strategic Planning Committee, Professional Development Task Force, and Key Communicators 

2007-2008 Secondary Mathematics Instructional Coach, Dallas Independent School District    

  • Modeled lessons and instructional strategies for secondary teachers in mathematics.
  • Provided focused, sustained training that aided teachers in meeting data-driven, collaboratively determined instructional goals in mathematics. 
  • Developed, implemented, and presented professional development training to teachers (including summer school, alternative certification, and new teachers) and administrators 
  • Developed, edited, and helped implement assigned curriculum in secondary mathematics.
  • Critical Achievements: 
    • Contributed to the development of the District’s Instructional Coaches Model
    • Achieved the District’s highest percentage point gains (specifically, 30 points) on Mathematics exit level TAKS scores 
    • Contributed to the development and implementation of the District’s African American Mathematics Achievement Task Force (AAMATF) 
    • Co-hosted a local cable, Algebra I homework help, call-in TV show for students 

2001-2007 Mathematics and Physics Teacher, Dallas Independent School District 

School for the Talented and Gifted, 2004 – 2007

  • Critical Achievements:
    • Made 30% gains in passing AP Physics B scores, 2006-2007 
    • Was selected as a Faculty Advisory Committee Representative, 2006-2007 
    • Contributed to the school’s selection as Newsweek’s #1 High School in America, 2006-2007 

L.G. Pinkston High School, 2001 – 2004     

  • Critical Achievements:
    • Served as Mathematics Department Co-Chair, 2004 
    • Was selected as the Chairperson of the Faculty Advisory Committee, 2003-2004
    • Served as UIL Academic Coach for Mathematics, 2002-2004         


  • College Board, Southwest Regional Council:  Past Chair (February 2018 – February 2019)
  • College Board, Southwest Regional Council:  Chair (February 2017 – February 2018)
  • College Board, Southwest Regional Council:  Chair-Elect (October 2015 – February 2017)
  • College Board, Southwest Regional Council:  Council Member (December 2013 – Present)
  • Serve as a Texas A& M University Online Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction:  Mentor for Prospective Students (March 2015 – August 2017)
  • North Texas Regional P-16 Council:  Executive Committee Member; Communications & Social Media Committee Co-Chair (May 2013 – Present)
  • College Board, Springboard National Council (April 2013-April 2014)  


  • Distinguished Honor Graduate honor date, Texas A&M University College of Education and Human Development, Aug 2017
  • Texas A&M University College of Education and Human Development Student Scholarship, 2014
    Pi Lambda Theta, 2014
  • Kappa Delta Pi, 2014
  • Aggie Spirit Award, Texas A&M University, 1994
  • George Bittle Kelly Award, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 1994


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