A New Year is Here, So Now What?

It is nearly impossible to welcome a new calendar year without thinking about what is to come. The pressure to set new goals, make new plans, and start anew is brought on by the constant reminders from our friends, social networks, and media of all types. Essentially, you would have to be living under a…

Episode 3: Finding Your Voice

Educator and Psychotherapist, Dr. Tracey Brown, shared advice on how to find your voice and work through challenges to achieve personal confidence.  During this episode, Dr. Brown shares the following resources, experiences, and strategies to help others find their voice:

– Recognizing the need for help
Giving yourself permission to succeed
Listening to the right voices for guidance
Continuing to learn and stay unboxed
Knowing your source of inspiration
Strategies for staying focused

Learning anything this summer?

Summer is in full effect.  Swimming, family trips, and other leisure activities are also in full effect.  As a result, I am sure that professional learning is not ranked very high on the summer fun list for most teachers.  The funny thing is the summer presents the most optimal time for exploring very meaningful professional development ideas.  I…

The Art of Reflective Feedback

I have come to learn that reflective feedback plays a major role in learning.  The key to opening up more opportunities for learning for teachers is to utilize the appropriate form of reflective feedback.  According to a study done by Costa & Garmston, feedback usually is given in the following forms: Options for reflective feedback…

Implementing Traffic Light Reflection

In a world of ever-increasing productivity, it is easy to feel the pressure to do more. I know many educators, including myself, have been forced to learn how to do more with less in this down economy and diminishing education budgets. I, in fact, have been reflecting more on my current realities and have been…

Summer Professional Development Idea #1

Are you the type of teacher who looks forward to summer professional development, or are you trying to avoid anything related to learning until you absolutely have to go to a training seminar? Chances are you are somewhere in the middle. If you find yourself looking for a relaxing yet meaningful way to grow professionally…