Episode 3: Finding Your Voice

Educator and Psychotherapist, Dr. Tracey Brown, shared advice on how to find your voice and work through challenges to achieve personal confidence.  During this episode, Dr. Brown shares the following resources, experiences, and strategies to help others find their voice:

– Recognizing the need for help
Giving yourself permission to succeed
Listening to the right voices for guidance
Continuing to learn and stay unboxed
Knowing your source of inspiration
Strategies for staying focused

Episode 2: Authenticity in Education

Educator Ty Jones shared his road to success in education and highlighted the individuals that influenced him along the way. During this episode Mr. Jones also discussed the following concepts that lead to cultivating and maintaining authenticity in education:

Connecting with your legacy
Personal integrity
Humility in leadership

Episode 1: The Beginning

Hey there! This Jeffrey, I’m an educator, and this is my new podcast The Purpose Driven Educator. This not an actual episode, but I would like to take a moment to explain the format of my show. Each episode will begin the show with a driving question or questions from education and then present relevant information and experiences, and even interviews with educators to address the questions.