Episode 1: The Beginning

Show Highlights

Hey there! This Jeffrey, I’m an educator, and this is my new podcast The Purpose Driven Educator. This not an actual episode, but I would like to take a moment to explain the format of my show. Each episode will begin the show with a driving question or questions from education and then present relevant information and experiences, and even interviews with educators to address the questions.

My ultimate goal for the show is to inspire others to find deeper meaning in their life’s work so they can make a greater impact in the lives of those they serve. 

In many ways, this podcast will serve as an audible blog. I am sure that along the way the show will grow, but this is an introduction, a trailer for what is to come.

Connect with the Host

You can reach me on Twitter @drjeffmiller or go to my show website purposedriveneducator.com and leave a question or comment about any of the content shared on this episode. You can also read my latest blog post at www.drjeffmiller.com

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