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Educator and Psychotherapist, Dr. Tracey Brown, shared advice on how to find your voice and work through challenges to achieve personal confidence.  During this episode, Dr. Brown shares the following resources, experiences, and strategies to help others find their voice:

  • Recognizing the need for help
  • Giving yourself permission to succeed
  • Listening to the right voices for guidance
  • Continuing to learn and stay unboxed
  • Knowing your source of inspiration
  • Strategies for staying focused

Resources mentioned during this episode

About the Guest

Dr. Tracey Brown, author of SINGLE MOM, PHD and EBB & FLOW: A 21-Day Meditational Guide to Help You Recover from a Broken Heart and Broken Relationships, is the mother of one son and co-parent with former NFL cornerback and Super Bowl Champion, Dave Thomas. Dr. Tracey presents a compelling story of her life as a single mom and the struggles she and Dave faced in their relationship as co-parents. Welfare, court battles, and child support are not foreign to Tracey and Dave as their story is one similar to thousands of single moms and dads who struggle to find common ground and peace in their co-parenting relationship.

Dr. Tracey’s journey has been one of true courage, faith, and unconditional love as she used the gifts of faith and education to rise above her fears and find confidence in herself as a woman and single mom. The strategies Dr. Tracey offers in SINGLE MOM, PHD and EBB & FLOW tackles even the toughest relationships and encourages everyone to live their “best life from the inside out!”

In addition to being a counselor, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Dr. Tracey also hosts The Dr. Tracey Show, an internet television talk show that challenges the important topics of our day and celebrates Life, Love, and Relationships.

Dr. Tracey is President/CEO of TRBZ Enterprises and serves as keynote speaker and seminar host for several businesses, corporations, organizations, and schools. Dr. Tracey has been featured on several television and radio shows including Dallas’s WFAA Channel 8 Good Morning, Texas, KSTA Radio, KTAB4U, and KRBC-TV. Dr. Tracey has also been recognized as the Cross Plains “True Grit”Heroine of the Day. Dr. Tracey has served the Dallas ISD for 24 years as a teacher, counselor, counselor supervisor, and psychotherapist and sits on the board of the Lone Star State School Counselor Association, which advocates for school counselors in the state of Texas and around the nation.

Dr. Tracey engages her audience on live stream platforms and in speaking engagements around the nation. Her ultimate goal in life is to help others improve their quality of life, one heart at a time!

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